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Music Artist Not Rapper ! Just A Kidd Tryna Make It In The Music Biz But Still Ay Ordinary Mothafucka.
Only girl that has my back ☺️

This makes my life that much more happier 😂😂

Cod ghosts??? #ghosts #cod

Out Of Control Suspensions!


Out Of Control Suspensions!

Out Of Control Suspensions!


You’re suspended! You’re suspended ! Everyone is suspended!Roger Goodell said it, not me. I haven’t seen more suspensions since I was senior in high school. Some of these suspensions are more serious than others, like the Ray Rice suspension should of been longer than all these others suspensions to be honest. That is my honest opinion , I like Rice none the less. Most of these ludicrous…

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You think my hair is wild, wait till you figure out my mind ..

3 Beastly Offensive Rookies !


3 Beastly Offensive Rookies !

3 Beastly Offensive Rookies !

3 rookies

Mike Evans, TB 
Evans is from Texas A&M, when you here of that school of course you think of Johnny Football. Were here to talk about Evans though , shocking huh? Not that shocking if you actually watched Evans put in work in college. He had 12 of  Manziel’s 37 touchdowns last year and had a 95 yard touchdown.

This is the NFL though…

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The prettiest girl ive ever known ☺️ #nationaldogday

We are that person or know that person who needs to find that happiness !

Rams Getting Rammed Once Again!


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